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Unable to load Mod due to ClassNotFoundException (SOLVED)


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Hello, guys!


I am relatively new to modding, and have experienced a problem when trying to distribute my mod. When I have the source code open in Eclipse, I am able to run the 1.6.1 instance perfectly with my mod with no issues (other than textures not working properly, but I can fix that easily enough). However, when I package up the mod and insert it into the mods folder of Minecraft to test if it worked after recompiling and reobfuscation, the client would crash with this error: http://pastebin.com/P7vxbqSt


I am unsure what is causing this bug, because I do in fact have the referenced class in the .zip file, and as I said it works perfectly when launched from Eclipse. This was also happening in 1.5.2, so I do not believe it is dependent on the 1.6.1 instance. If it is a simple line of code that I need to add to the class, or something else, please let me know!


If you need it, here is the file of the unobfuscated code, classes included.


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You most likely didn't package your mod properly.

The class not being found is WayofTime.alchemicalWizardry.AlchemicalWizardry.

That means your folder structure should be:





As if it was that simple... Thank you very much!

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