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Correctly Render Gui above the Hunger Bar


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After using mods such as 'Armor Toughness Bar' and 'Rustic' for reference, I am rendering my GUI above the foodbar in a manner that will automatically make room for other mods by using

if (event.getType() == ElementType.FOOD)

The issue is that if any other mod cancels this event, (to hide or replace the hunger bar) then my GUI is not rendered.


Is there a workaround for this so that my GUI will still appear correctly above or below GUIs added by other mods?

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1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

There is no space assignment system in the HUD

I see, thank you. What I meant was I'm calculating how high to render my GUI by using this.

int rows = MathHelper.ceil(dodges / 20.0F);
int rowHeight = Math.min(Math.max(10 - (rows - 2), 3), 10);
int top = (screenHeight - ForgeIngameGui.right_height) - ((rows * rowHeight) - 10);

Which seems to make room for other mods.


Is there a way to maintain this effect whilst not having my GUI cancelled when the render event is canceled if it is ElementType.FOOD?

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