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modded server problems

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so i just made a modded minecraft server yesterday but i've been getting multiple issues with it like yesterday it was java.lang.nullpointerexception and java.noclassdefounderror. i linked that crash report. and i wanted to link my mods folder but that didnt work so yeah. and now today it's been saying that it can't bind to the port and then it's like "Is there another server running?" when there isnt. i linked that crash report too and i would really appreciate some help.crash-2021-03-03_19.28.04-server.txt crash-2021-03-04_12.22.51-server.txt Oh it says "the state engine was in incorrect state POSTINITIIALIZATION and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED." At least that's what the run.bat file says.run.bat i linked that too but i dont know if it'll help much.


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