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Lan game chunk errors (Persistant)


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[Editor was fixed, so I'm putting the message here - diesieben07]

The forums wont let me type for some absolutely stupid reason,
so im going to do it like this.  My friend and I recently, and 
by recently i mean like 2 months ago, started playing a 1.16
world focused on the create mod, however, since the first time
i stepped foot into this world, ive been getting countless chunk errors.
Sometimes i spawn in them, sometimes they are in the middle of 
my base, sometimes i never see them.  Sometimes they look massive but
if i move around i can get some to load while the ones i was just in unload
Its actuall madness, its killing any sense of fun because i have to constantly
attempt to leave the game and join back, which used to fix it, but now sees
limited effect.  This is a LAN server he is hosting from his computer, and 
its even more strange because we just got done with a 1.12.2 modpack where
this sort of thing never happened.  Ive looked for ages and cant find anyone who
shares this problem in the slightest, if there is anyone who can help please let 
me know, i need this problem solved.

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