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[1.16.5]How to make an auto-gun with certain firing-rate?


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I am trying to make a gun with a firing-rate of about 800 bullet/min.

The main question is I do not know how to control the time gap between two shooting(should be 1.25ms). Ticks should be the first choice for counting time  in Minecraft, but using ticks seems impossible: 1 tick 1 shoot is too fast(1200 bullet/min), 2 tick 1 shoot is too slow(600 bullet/min).

Any help is highly appreciated !😃

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22 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

1 tick = 1 shot would mean you have 20 shots per second, not 1200. Minecraft runs at 20 ticks per second.

If you want 800 shots per second that means you need 800 / 20 = 40 shots per tick. To make it seem like the shots are not all at the same time, you have to basically "spread them out" by applying an offset in position to the bullet.


However I'll advise you that I don't think Minecraft's engine can handle this very well.

Oh I made a stupid mistake.🤣It should be 800 bullet/min, not per sec. I'm so sorry!

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I have considered the 110110110 mode, and it's a disaster for controlling recoil force...🤣Is there any other possible way avoiding using the 1-sec-20-tick thing, additionally the firing rate can be more flexible, such as 850 bullet/min of another gun? (Although almost whole minecraft world is based on the tick system...)

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