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I want to allocate more ram to my forge 1.16. server


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I know the way to do it for many people is to create a .bat file with "java -Xmx(desired maximum ram)M -Xms(desired minimum ram)M -jar forge-1.16.jar nogui" inside, but when I launch my server through a .bat file none of my friends can connect, yet when launching it from a forge server.jar file my friends can connect, but then there's the issues of ram usage and it lags quite a bit especially with a large amount of mods. Any suggestions?

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I haven't created my server yet. Just conceptualizing, picking mods and trying to fix past errors as I have a one time experience with forge 1.12.2 servers and not sure what version I should know use. And besides, whats the problem with the classic 1.12.2 version?

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