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Can't get java to run any thing

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Hello I've recently built a new pc for my self and wanted to play Minecraft and I wanted test my pc with a texter pack and shaders. So I download optifine and run it, it doesn't work so i try forge and it doesn't work. That when it dons on me i forgot java so fumbling trying to figure out how to set the file to java, I end up seting it to windows media player (yeah i have no clue how i did that) so i stop and looked it up and had a few places telling me to find the java file and set forge and that stuff to open with "Java(TM) platform SE binary" and i find the java file and set to that and with high hopes i click forge, and nothing command prompt pops up for less then a sec and then close and the same thing happened with optifine so I'm at a complete loss at how to fix this, I cant find any thing about how to fix it. thank you

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so sorry if messed up any rules I'm at my wits end and just posted with out fully thinking, when i should have read the rules and made a proper post. 

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"Open with" does not work on jar files. You must simply double click them.


Some zip managers like to take control of the .jar file extension away from Java.
Make sure you have Java installed and try running Jarfix once, then try the installer again.

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