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  1. Here's a screenshot from the file explorer/terminal, with full path. Here's a `tree` view starting from the src/main folder:
  2. The error log is here. It says that the path "metricsmod:models/item/tape_meter.json" can't be found, which I don't understand, as that's pretty much the only way to load it. That, or I missed something. The json model file stored under assets/metricsmod/models/item/tape_meter.json contains
  3. I forgot about that, I changed that, but now I get this item rendering, which I don't understand. While fixing, I also changed the registerRender class to use the registryName of the item instead of a fixed name (which was for testing). I now get this item rendering: In-game screenshot of item rendering.
  4. Hello there, I've been restarting to learn mod development, and after diving into the horrendous forge documentation, I started searching for tutorials and mods hosted on git hosters, to try to create a simple mod. The thing is: I have an Item, a .json model stored under my {modid}/models/item/ and a .png texture file, under {modid}/textures/items/ When loading the mod, I get this error. This is my folder structure: folder structure.txt And my sourcecode (including gradle files) is available here Note that due to some weird bug, I can't paste anything on this website. That includes sourcecode, so I must use external code hosting solutions.
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