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  1. When it sends me to adfocus. Is that something that isn't part of the forge site? Also, I am using the browser 'Brave'. Forgot to say browser that I am using.
  2. I went on today and tried to download the latest version. It kept sending me to 'the site is being blocked by extensions'. So alright, I stop the extensions that could be affecting it and it does it again. I middle click and the site loads, but the timer and skip button NEVER show up. The ad page seems to be bugged and it is really annoying me when I want to download the latest Forge. The extensions stopped from working but still no help.
  3. I am confused, how does a new version become part of the 'recommended downloaded' for the main page? Why are the newest ones not been put there instead??
  4. I have posted the problem but no response. It is the WorldeditCUI and the visual outline of an area from using Worldedit isn't showing. I can get into the mod options and on the mod list in game it says everything is active. I have tried to do the toggle of viewing the lines but never works.
  5. I am trying to delete all the stuff inside the config folder and trying to see if that fixes it...... It does not
  6. What am I looking for? The strange thing is, I only just installed it on my new computer, put the mod into the mod folder and tried to play, that is all. I have no idea what I did.
  7. Is this the right one? debug.log
  8. I have recently gotten onto a new computer, put in the mods for 1.12.2, start up the world I need to be on. But one of the mods isn't working. I get out and look at the main screen, it says that they are loaded but a mod isn't active, which I am guessing is the mod that isn't showing up in the world I am playing. None have been disabled and it doesn't show disabled in the mod list. Can anyone help me?
  9. Is the 1.13 forge mod going to be fully ready before the 1.14 release or is the rebuilding of the Forge fully released light years away? I don't know what to look for to hint that it is getting close to done, so I have just been waiting. It seems though that 1.14 might be getting released before Forge and I am wondering if it is correct.
  10. Thank you. Is there anything that I can do or a way to tell when it comes back or if I can help in any way?
  11. For the last few days, I have tried to get on here to find a solution to a problem but I always got the bad gateway page. No matter what. I am wondering what that was and how it can be fixed for the future. It has happened before to me but not for a long time. It was frustrating when I was desperate for an answer and it seemed it might be here but I couldn't even get information as the site was down, even trying to find out what was happening. Can someone tell me. I can't find any announcements of why I had this so not sure if it is just for people in my country or not as a friend in the same country had the same problem as me.
  12. I am not sure where to go to find the updates of what the team is doing. I did for my previous topic but when I go into them now, it doesn't come up. I would like to know if there was a way to find out myself as when I try I seem to fail. I don't understand what it means but I like to know when something happens with the update to the new version. I sadly do not understand how to get around that Github site to get to the parts where they have the updates they have recently done. Can anyone help me?
  13. Is there a way for me to mark this as closed?
  14. Sorry @Cadiboo, that computer commands goes right iver my head and I can't hear what the person says, even at full volume.
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