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  1. Thank you sir, I was hoping more complete details might help. Lord knows I wish the clients at my job always gave us that much information... often we don't even get as much as Dakeen gave!
  2. You are awesome Darkhax. I look forward to getting to play with new swords!
  3. I get a very similar problem with forge 395. Worldgen is VERY hard. I don't know if it is the forge version or the mods, but I've had a similar setup with MC 1.4.2 and it took only a few seconds to build a world (it takes 2-3 minutes now) and I get this: http://www.radikus.org/forge_worldgen_stops.jpg EDIT: if my domain gives you a forbidden error, try again. It is being stubborn right now. You can clearly see that worldgen has simply stopped. In the minimap you can see the "blurring" effect of nothing behind the arrow that indicates my position. If you look at the resource monitor, you can see that my CPUs are hit really hard and java (MC) is taking 50%+ of the CPU time. I'm currently running MC 1.4.5 with the following mods: My machine is: Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium Core i5 2.67Ghz 16 GB RAM And I'm running Java 7u9 EDIT: Almost forgot the Forge Log... Anything else I can add to help?
  4. Fixed the spoiler tags, thank you for reminding me... I removed More Swords and was able to find a dungeon and loot it, rather than crashing. So I'm guessing that you are correct. I'll put something in the mod author's topic so he knows.
  5. I'm getting a pretty strange error that I don't know what it is, or how to fix. I think Forge is throwing an error on generating world dungeons, when populating random dungeon loot. Has anyone encountered this before? I suspect either one of the mods has not been updated to work with the newest Forge or there is some sort of error. But I'm not sure if the "n must be positive" is an item id or just a random int (as it appears). At the very least, if it is a mod, if I can narrow down which one it is, I can try and post on the proper topic for the author to know about the error. Thanks! Here is the error: I'm running Minecraft 1.4.5 and the following mods: Edit: added spoiler tags.
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