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  1. So I am trying to start modding with forge, but lots of the tutorials I have looked at have differences between them. So back to my question, Is there any official / dev endorsed tutorials that has the proper techniques etc. for forge modding?
  2. And of course, adding railcraft fixed it... Thanks for the help, seems I'm a little too tired to be doing this right now...
  3. It wasn't there, but that shouldn't cause a crash, should it? Although, I did put the configs for it in the configs folder, would that crash it? (I thought I had installed railcraft )
  4. I re obfuscated it, but what exactly did that do? I don't notice anything different...
  5. So I just finished making my first mod (if you want to call it that, it adds MCMA support to forge by making the forge server logs like vanilla), and I have been using a tutorial for help, but unfortunately the tutorial doesn't say what to do AFTER I make the mod. So, to sum up, I have mcp and forge and I need to compile (or whatever its called for this), the mod so its usable. Thanks, Matrixmage
  6. I talked to him, and if I understand, the log format is used in many places in the code, and not all called in the way, for the program to know when stuff is working right and not corrupted etc. So it wouldn't be as easy as you might think... Although I might have misunderstood, and he's just being lazy, but it really seems like he wants this working as much as you probably do.
  7. I would probably do that if this wasn't my first foyer into modding and java. I have done a fair amount of C#, which I heard is similar to java, but I've still not done any modding so I want to stay simple. Also the whole point of this is to make the log syntax identical to vinilla minecraft, remove a [Minecraft] from the front of all outputs, because forge changes it. Also thanks for the help!!
  8. The title says my problem. I've done some coding before, but not any modding, and I'm trying to find were in the forge/minecraft source is the code for how a server creates the console logs. My purpose for this is to make a compatibility mod for MCMA and forge. Maybe it's too daunting a task for me, but I like to try. I'm currently using a tutorial for how to set up eclipse etc. Thanks for the help in advance! Matrixmage
  9. If you don't want to read the story about how I got this far, skip to the bolded line. So, I have a server that uses MCMA and I want to add forge, so I googled it and I installed it, but MCMA got a error. Next, I posted about the problem here, then, in the related post thing I found a similar thread (despite intense searching from me beforehand) in which Lex said that the problem was because Forge used a different log syntax from vanilla, and MCMA didn't like that, and if he knew what syntax it needed, someone could make a mod to make them work. Next, I posted on the MCMA forums, about the problem, I then got a response from PhonicUK (MCMA's maker)... Now the answer to the problem! The format that MCMA needs is the vanilla format! I hope this helps and is the right data needed! If this can be made to work, you forge devs will be my favorite people in the world, for 1 second that is Additional info: thread in which lex explains the problem: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,2813.0.html thread in which PhonicUK tells me the format MCMA needs: http://forums.phonicuk.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1137 Thanks, Matrixmage
  10. I did, I tried that first before I googled it and found out how to do it the real way, it won't start when it do it like that either.
  11. So I have a server that uses MCMA and I am trying to install forge on it. I know how to use forge for a server normally (make the forge zip a jar then run that) and I tried to do that on my server (I had to change the forge zip's name to the name of the usual server jar) but I keep getting "a fault is preventing the server from starting" or something like that. I don't know if this is the right spot for this, it is the only support area I can find. I googled this before hand and I didn't find anything. Thanks in advance for any help!
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