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  1. and we can show our creativity in this game, just look after the enterprise in youtube one of them, others build the red dragon in zelda wind waker at the moment im trying to play direwolfs season 4 lets play on my own, i will update to 1.3.1, when he starts his season 5 and i have finished my season 4
  2. Sailren


    i agree with u, the questions there, are some of the questions here, which will be asked 5 times a day i guess.
  3. cant wait for new mods, since i bought the game 2 days ago now i can play mc without being afraid to get problems with mojang or the law :-P oh and servers are not a problem anymore, damn shitty cracked servers lol, just a waste of time
  4. Sailren


    what do u think about to create a board with the most asked questions and answers about forge? like why people should not use mcpatcher or modloader, ..... etc do u get, what i want to explain? this could clean up the bug forum, cuz many people mostly ask the same questions ... then u/we dont have to answer every question, people can look up the common causes for their problems
  5. by mightypork http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/842589-125-power-craft-factory-mod-348-new-functions-all-disks-writable-library-and-data-disks/ i plan to reinstall it again, so it would be nice to know, what issue caused the crash^^
  6. hello all again i think i got now an error look this: in the jar: see attachment all other mods are in the mods folder
  7. the strange; its like a beta version, the creators warn about to use it, it should be unstable or so ^^
  8. look what i found http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/forums/topic/buildcraft-development-builds/
  9. can someone tell me, where i can get this buildcraft? chickenbones wrote it in a spoiler for his bucketfiller mod. is it perhaps this website? http://kyprusmc.game-host.org:8080/job/Buildcraft/
  10. dunno what happened, after i installed the original lwjgl again, which i backed up before, it runs fine again
  11. a little warning for all people on windows that thinking about updating lwjgl, be warned, that this update can break your redpower configuration, maybe some things more; anyway make a backup before u attempt to update it. i backed up my client before, now i have my redpower again cuz i reinstalled the original lwjgl.jar into the bin folder again , perhaps someone can contact the optifine creator on mcf forums, to tell him, that his tips and tricks for updating lwjgl, can break some things of the client on windows, i dont have an account right now, so i cant do it thx see this for more information about lwjgl interesting: there is nothing about the bug, that this update can break mods on the client btw: holy shit optifine rocks, after i did a fresh start of my pc, i started minecraft. now i have between 30 and 100 fps , before maybe 30 lol maximum, my fps depends on, what i'm doing, so my average fps is about 40 fps
  12. this libary i am using, that kills my redpower maybe and not optifine i hope, means i musing the libary u want to download ^^
  13. some pcs maybe not, i will try all stuff tomorrow, i go to bed now, since i have 02:10; 24 hours on clock and not AM/PM ^^
  14. if it really kills mods, that could be a warning to all mc players, that think about updating LWJGL. i will try it tomorrow and give u a result, if it is or not. Edit: in NEI some items are shown as: Patch your client, what does it mean now? perhaps it is this libary? i dont hope that optifine kills my stuff since i can play mc now even with my old machine
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