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  1. A libs is missing on the 2 last version of forge of 1.12.2 its forgeBin
  2. Hello everyone, i made a discord for forge, if you are a developper of forge, siad me your name on the forum, i'll go see it and you'll get your grade if you are a real developper of forge. The grade are: everyone, member, mods, devs, admin. if you are already mods, devs or admin on forge you'll get the rank automaticly on discord: . the only thing that i need to add is all the channel and the icon
  3. can i have the forge icon plz, its for a project
  4. i just reinstall java and its tell me the same thing
  5. I do the exact same thing that the link that you send me and its tell me always the same thing
  6. I was trying to do a mod when MDKExample said me that the .project was not there so I don't know if its me or if its the file so please, put a .project in it
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