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  1. it crashed me when i join game
  2. opfine not worked with forge?
  3. and how i fix white screen dat nothing show out when joined a game (opfine shader)
  4. wait i change enable to false thx it worked
  5. I found dat on config i don't know what dat is dat for disable it? how i do it i tried to remove the file and it auto recreate after dat
  6. @diesieben07 how is it splash.properties in config??
  7. as mine my graphic card not supported for windows 10 and 8
  8. Try to update your driver too and what window u are using your graphic card may not support windows 10 or 8
  9. @GWPaul_YT wait a sec Couldn't set pixel format? try not modded if still same go to http://webchat.esper.net/?channels=minecrafthelp and ask them they should reply u if it is not modded
  10. @diesieben07 @CoderAtParadise https://paste.ubuntu.com/24847336/ is with mod and texture pack version https://paste.ubuntu.com/24847344/ is without mod and texture pack image
  11. How do i give forge more ram? i just got 3gb ram on my pc my 8gb ram is brocken left 3gb
  12. My Minecraft always stooped working when it starting i did try to remove all my texture pack and mod but it still not fix and only forge did only i try to play other version it working.And i did try to reinstall too but still same Check The Image
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