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  1. I wanted to make a little cosmetic mod that makes the player sit on the ground while interacting with certain machines from other mods. I feel like the real problem will be to make the player sit facing the machine. Is it even possible?
  2. I want to write my own backup mod to my own server. Because the host has a terrible FTP server, downloading a zip file and uploading the world folder back is not an option for me. My idea of my own backup system would be to save the world seed, and to save the state of each player periodically, and ignore the chunks. Then I could explicitly add a chunk to the backup system and have it saved too. How can I implement that: How can I access a list of all players and save them? how can I later load what I saved? How can I access the data about one particular chunk and reload it if needed?
  3. Man! I'm lost in all this github and gradle and all that stuff... Thank you!
  4. I'm trying to learn by studying other mods (I chose Botania as an example). In it's source, imports the Buildcraft's API (there's no BC for 1.10.2). Botania doesn't have Buildcraft's API in its repository. I'm guessing it does some gradle magic to make the imports work. Since I'm not a gradle mage myself, I put Buildcraft's API in my file system so it will show in my project, but it's an outdated version of it (because there isn't one for 1.10.2). I've been correcting a lot of easy stuff in the API's source code, but I don't know how to correct this one. I have this line: StatCollector.tra
  5. Yeah that was a mistake I realize now. My reasoning was like "what mod is the most popular?" and this is why I decided on AE2. Do you have a suggestion of a better mod to start?
  6. I'm looking at Applied Energistics code (should have picked a different mod, in hindsight) and they import packages they don't have in their code, like this class does: https://github.com/AppliedEnergistics/Applied-Energistics-2/blob/rv4-1.10/src/main/java/appeng/integration/modules/ic2/IC2Module.java they don't have a package named ic2, how can they be importing ic2.api.recipe.RecipeInputItemStack? Several other classes have similar errors in my eclipse. It should be known that all I did was to copy-paste the java files in the zip I downloaded from the repository into their right
  7. The thing is, the demand for 1.7.10 and 1.10.2 exists and it's strong. A huge amount of modded Minecraft player base know their mods because of some Feed The Beast modpack. I want to develop mods that get along well with the famous versions of the famous mods that feature in those insanely popular modpack. And my reason is even more direct: I'll be developing for a server running a custom modpack based upon a FTB mobpack. It's said to hear support for those versions will be dropped. EDIT: By the way, thank you @lehjr ! found the branches thing and got the code for the release I was looking
  8. I would like to study mod development for 1.10.2, but I can't find older versions of mods. It may be just a issue of me not knowing how to use github...
  9. This looks extremely promising! The latest build is failing at the moment, so I'll give it a couple days before installing, but this might be perfect. People from Forge should take a look at this, and maybe create one of those scripts, like .\gradlew vs, if this really is as good as it looks!
  10. I don't know how to make it work. I would need hard directions on what is needed to make this work. I like Eclipse. Well, I don't hate it. But seeing there are 2 main alternatives, one being Eclipse, the other being IntelliJ, I thought a third wouldn't hurt.
  11. I know Visual Studio doesn't offer Java support natively, but some people wrote what seem to be good extensions (like this: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=SamHarwell.JavaLanguageSupport ). Given that the extension can launch a debugger, maybe it would be configurable to launch a Minecraft client, like Eclipse does. Has anyone already done this? Is it possible at all? In the end, everything could be done via shell commands, and, theoretically, all the building and launching part are easy: just tell VS which command with which parameters it needs to feed the shell to queue t
  12. Thank you very much! An exemplar reply. Just one doubt: Is the format of this dependencies field in mcmod.info the same as it is in the @Mod annotation? (i.e. either required-after:[modid] or after:[modid])
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