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  1. yes all of them i believe that should work
  2. you should name the json files with the unlocalized name so if my unlocalized name was mytnt you would call the json file mytnt.json and in it you would put { "parent": "block/cube_all", "textures": { "all": "cmo:blocks/mytnt" } }
  3. have you set unlocalized names and put the texture in blocks and added a model files as a json
  4. Update! Edited OP to show github link
  5. Yeah give me one second uploading code
  6. Hello Minecraft Forge Forum! Github Link: https://github.com/AnthonyFuller/MoonstoneMod Version of forge: 1.11.2 - I want my sword to look like But I it comes out like This goddess_sword.zip is a zip file with the model code and texture! thanks P.S: If there is any more info needed please ask and i will respond asap
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