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  1. it kinda works... it doesnt create any errors, but it also doesnt create any lines...
  2. ive looked in the vanilla classes, i did it wrong with the VertexFormat
  3. @Draco18s nope, cant see anything closely like it except .finishDrawing() (a void) and .getDrawingMode() (returns an int)
  4. i tried using it and fixing the errors, but ive never tried anything with OpenGL, so it created some errors This is what the code it now: https://pastebin.com/ayFFV06m and it gives an error at line 10: tess.begin(7, new VertexFormat()); and i think it would probably make some more errors with the code using the Tessellator
  5. oh @Kokkie i just noticed that youre dutch aswell (atleast i think so because of your Github Repo)
  6. hi, im creating a mod and i just recently started modding, so im just gonna ask quickly, how do i render a line between 2 points?
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