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  1. THE OFFICIAL V5.0.2 RELEASE IS NOW OUT! NEW CRAZY AND NORMAL EDITION! Whats's new? • 20 new blocks! • 16 new items! • 37 new crafting recipes! • 36 new textures! • EVERY. SINGLE. BUG. FIXED.
  2. Hi! Thank you so much but in the world of eclipse would this line of code go inside the json file? Or would you just drop the mcmeta file inside of the textures folder?
  3. Title says it all. Trying to make an animated rainbow block and I can't figure out how to do it.
  4. Just checked they are all registering in the same place. True but it's more effective for me
  5. I just thought that the blockstate for tnt might be different than normal blocks. I'm going to research and test and if it fails I'll come back.
  6. Thanks but look at my last post also I got the block to appear in game but it's textureless and has the default tnt when exploding
  7. First of all, if I was doing it wrong then how are all my other blocks in the game. Second, here. They are in bold and sized up.
  8. Inside the register (I do things differently then most).
  9. BlockTnt.java Register.java If you need anything else I will supply
  10. I need to create a custom damage type for a sword I'm making. It's not quite Iron but it's not quite stone. I need something in between.
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