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  1. *yelling from on stage* i know, i just wanted to make the mod in 1.7.10 first because there is a large amount of people still use 1.7.10 for the 1000+ mod amount. Then i would make the mod in 1.10.2.
  2. I'm trying to create a custom entity that follows you around until you go in water and then attacks you. However, I can't seem to figure out how to move my entity and get it to attack in a task i made. The entity will just stand there and not move or attack at all. I know that the everything is reached because i debugged it with some System.out.print's but they still won't do anything. Entity Registry (or whatever it's called) : My Mob Class: My AI part: I'm kinda new to modding, (besides some items), so if anyone could help me, that'd be great !
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