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  1. Yeah, it was EntityClientPlayerMP, my bad. I know. I mean, I used NBT before, when I was able to. But now NBT is different on Client and Server. For example Im setting nbt string in Item#onUsingTick. Then I want to read it from Minecraft.getMinecraft().player.getEntityData() (because TickEvent.RenderTickEvent doesn't have any entity or player field), and there is no such string. So I decided to use new DataStorage. I've tried to change TickEvent.RenderTickEvent to LivingEntityUseItemEvent.Tick, but error appear on bindTexture, "java.lang.RuntimeException: No OpenGL context found in the current thread.". So Im done at the moment. Exactly. So how am I able to read any data from client? Should I use Custom Packets for such a thing?
  2. How can I get Forge Capabilities from a player using onRenderTick(TickEvent.RenderTickEvent event) { to render kindoff gui, drawString for example. Minecraft.getMinecraft().player is now EntityPlayerSP not EntityPlayerMP, so NBT also doesn't work. Maybe I should sync it somehow? Anyway, Im trying use Capabilities, but on client side also it's empty. Should I use other event? Which one then? I want to render specified drawString/drawTexturedModalRect when player is holding right mouse button on specified item. Previously I was able to do that using NBTs and Item#onUpdateTick, then checking on client onRenderTick if player is holding specified item and draw value from player nbt. That's a short explanation of what I want to do. Thanks for advice!
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