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  1. There is, but I am not good at the codecs, how do I use them as conditional functions?
  2. Thank you, and what about the "mod_loaded" condition with Codecs?
  3. Updated the post with the correct recipe
  4. Hi, I am just updating my mod from 1.20.1 to 1.20.2 and I saw a big change for the custom RecipeSerializers, they now require Codec<?> serialization instead of a simple fromJson() function. Unfortunately, I am struggling with setting up the Codec for a few of the serialization features: - Using the Forge "mod_loaded" condition (the file should not be loaded when a mod is missing) - Loading an Ingredient field Current Codec Code: The "cagedmobs:environments/red_mushroom_block" JSON recipe:
  5. Nevermind, I found it: BlockEntityRenderers.register(). I will leave this post for others.
  6. Hi, I'm currently updating my mod from 1.16.5 to 1.17.1 and I cannot find the ClientRegistry.bindTileEntityRenderer() function, which I used for one of my tile entity blocks, did it move somewhere? I cannot see it in the ClientRegistry class.
  7. Thanks for answer! I have used the same solution as CraftTweaker uses for writting "Scripts reloaded" after a resource reload!
  8. Hi, I have implemented a few serializers in my mod, which are reading recipes' json files and loading them. I would like to log all loaded recipes into the console, currently I do it one by one in the recipe constructor, but it spams the console with multiple lines of text. Instead I would love to first load all recipes and then to log all loaded recipes in one line. Is there some kind of event that I can listen to to do that and how can I listed to it?
  9. Hi, I have an item that stores entities' EntityType inside it's NBT when used (right clicked) on some living entity, but there is a problem with Entities that can be interacted with, when you right click them with Item, the itemInteractionForEntity(...) function is not run. Is there a way to skip entities' interaction and run item's itemInteractionForEntity(...) function instead?
  10. Stone, endstone, magma block ect;. So the idea is that I can put ItemStack inside of my block and it will render the block from that stack.
  11. I just found out that one way to do it is to use matrix.scale() and squeeze the block almost into a plane, but it still renders all sided of the block, so it's not efficient.
  12. I have never used Tile Entity Rendering before, so I'm new to this part of modding, could you say how to do it?
  13. Hi, I want to use the TileEntityRenderer, to render just the top side of the block, so just a flat quad with top texture of the block. Is it possible in 1.16.2? I already looked at the BotanyPots mod's code and it's using the private void renderQuadsFlat(IBlockDisplayReader blockAccessIn, BlockState stateIn, BlockPos posIn, int brightnessIn, int combinedOverlayIn, boolean ownBrightness, MatrixStack matrixStackIn, IVertexBuilder buffer, List<BakedQuad> list, BitSet bitSet) from BlockModelRenderer class. But in 1.16.2 it looks like it's a private function and I cannot use it.
  14. Hi, I want to add a few mods to my eclipse dev env (jei and Hwyla for now), but I run into some problems. First of all, here is my build.gradle: buildscript { repositories { maven { url = 'https://files.minecraftforge.net/maven' } jcenter() mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath group: 'net.minecraftforge.gradle', name: 'ForgeGradle', version: '3.+', changing: true } } apply plugin: 'net.minecraftforge.gradle' // Only edit below this line, the above code adds and enables the necessary things for Forge to be setup. apply plugin: 'eclipse' apply plugin: 'maven-publish' version = '1.0' group = 'com.corgam.cagedmobs' // http://maven.apache.org/guides/mini/guide-naming-conventions.html archivesBaseName = 'cagedmobs' sourceCompatibility = targetCompatibility = compileJava.sourceCompatibility = compileJava.targetCompatibility = '1.8' // Need this here so eclipse task generates correctly. println('Java: ' + System.getProperty('java.version') + ' JVM: ' + System.getProperty('java.vm.version') + '(' + System.getProperty('java.vendor') + ') Arch: ' + System.getProperty('os.arch')) minecraft { // The mappings can be changed at any time, and must be in the following format. // snapshot_YYYYMMDD Snapshot are built nightly. // stable_# Stables are built at the discretion of the MCP team. // Use non-default mappings at your own risk. they may not always work. // Simply re-run your setup task after changing the mappings to update your workspace. mappings channel: 'snapshot', version: '20200514-1.16' // makeObfSourceJar = false // an Srg named sources jar is made by default. uncomment this to disable. // accessTransformer = file('src/main/resources/META-INF/accesstransformer.cfg') // Default run configurations. // These can be tweaked, removed, or duplicated as needed. runs { client { workingDirectory project.file('run') // Recommended logging data for a userdev environment property 'forge.logging.markers', 'SCAN,REGISTRIES,REGISTRYDUMP' // Recommended logging level for the console property 'forge.logging.console.level', 'debug' mods { examplemod { source sourceSets.main } } } server { workingDirectory project.file('run') // Recommended logging data for a userdev environment property 'forge.logging.markers', 'SCAN,REGISTRIES,REGISTRYDUMP' // Recommended logging level for the console property 'forge.logging.console.level', 'debug' mods { examplemod { source sourceSets.main } } } data { workingDirectory project.file('run') // Recommended logging data for a userdev environment property 'forge.logging.markers', 'SCAN,REGISTRIES,REGISTRYDUMP' // Recommended logging level for the console property 'forge.logging.console.level', 'debug' args '--mod', 'examplemod', '--all', '--output', file('src/generated/resources/') mods { examplemod { source sourceSets.main } } } } } dependencies { minecraft 'net.minecraftforge:forge:1.16.2-33.0.32' // compile against the JEI API but do not include it at runtime compileOnly fg.deobf("mezz.jei:jei-${mc_version}:${jei_version}:api") // at runtime, use the full JEI jar runtimeOnly fg.deobf("mezz.jei:jei-${mc_version}:${jei_version}") // Compile against the Hwyla API, but do not include it at runtime compileOnly fg.deobf("mcp.mobius.waila:Hwyla:1.16.2-1.9.23-79:api") // At runtime, use the full Hwyla jar runtimeOnly fg.deobf("mcp.mobius.waila:Hwyla:1.16.2-1.9.23-79") } repositories { maven { url = "https://dvs1.progwml6.com/files/maven/"} maven { url = "https://modmaven.k-4u.nl/"} maven { url "https://maven.tehnut.info/" } } // Example for how to get properties into the manifest for reading by the runtime.. jar { manifest { attributes([ "Specification-Title": "examplemod", "Specification-Vendor": "examplemodsareus", "Specification-Version": "1", // We are version 1 of ourselves "Implementation-Title": project.name, "Implementation-Version": "${version}", "Implementation-Vendor" :"examplemodsareus", "Implementation-Timestamp": new Date().format("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ") ]) } } // Example configuration to allow publishing using the maven-publish task // This is the preferred method to reobfuscate your jar file jar.finalizedBy('reobfJar') // However if you are in a multi-project build, dev time needs unobfed jar files, so you can delay the obfuscation until publishing by doing //publish.dependsOn('reobfJar') publishing { publications { mavenJava(MavenPublication) { artifact jar } } repositories { maven { url "file:///${project.projectDir}/mcmodsrepo" } } } So I have run the "build" gradle task and it said: "BUILD SUCCESSFUL", but when I launched runClient, there are no additional mods. Am I missing something? Should I run some another gradle task? Cheers, Corgam
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