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  1. Give me an example code. You are doing a great job of explaining but I learn better when I see it.
  2. Ok I get that but I still don't know what to put for method params.
  3. I am getting an error with my items on line 57 and 58 https://gist.github.com/Chuckinator2020/84420fd45208f2aeab9395d834671a1b
  4. Thats a little advanced. Can u send me a link to registeringModels in george docs?
  5. The cube. Now that stated all of that I dont think I have that texture or model registration in my code.
  6. Everything is up to date I am getting no errors but still no textures. WHY WHY WHY
  7. Ok https://gist.github.com/Chuckinator2020/4e271dcdb38caf7feaefa39d0163dcc0
  8. I have no way of getting you the files becuz I dont know how to use the gist and pastbin and I cant upload it here becuz there is always a processing error
  9. Ok I added flashmod: to items/dark_banshee but and have it set up just like your Testmod3 but the textures are still not showing up.
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