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  1. ...yeah, alright that's fair. Not the best wording on my part. I did, however, say that I assumed people didn't have an answer later down, though. I saw you were looking at it after it was originally posted, and when you stopped, I kinda guessed that my odds of getting a solution were slim if you didn't have one.
  2. I can stop it from being killed. The method in Chunk that kills an entity for moving wrongly calls setDead(). Altering that (and onKillCommand()) will keep it from being able to kill the broom, but that just leaves a server side broom unsynced with the broom a player is riding in the world. It, unfortunately, doesn't fix the problem. What I've seen so far is when it does desync, it does so in chunks that unload before the setDead() method can be fired. We've even tried moving the movement over to the server side, and it still desyncs between the two. Same problems as the client side, plus some where your broom now flies on forever, with no control over it.
  3. I never even implied that they were ignoring me. I actually outright said that I assumed they also didn't know the answer x.x
  4. I'm aware of the hard-coded limits. They're located in a few places (Chunk, NetHandlerPlayServer, NetHandlerPlayClient, and WorldServer). But what we're trying to do is find a work-around to forcefully resync the data that's on the client to the server again. If I could remove the limits, or make an exception to the limits, I would have already. And while it's probably possible with coremods, I don't know how to make them, so I don't want to risk doing it for this project that I just contribute to. As for patience, I've spent 3 days straight trying to make these brooms work, constantly trying to whittle down the possible problems. I can stop the killing of the broom, but that doesn't fix it. I can spam a packet every tick to the server to set the position and rotation of the broom on the server, but that doesn't fix it. I can change the frequency of which the entity sends velocity updates to the server, but that doesn't fix it. If people take too long to get back to me, then oh well. I'll just keep doing my own thing, and assume no one else has a solution. Just means I don't have to deal with being yelled at for bad programming practices, despite the code not being mine. I literally am here to fix one thing, and one thing only. Not the 50 thousand other problems in the code. Yet on multiple occurrences, my experience here has been people telling me "oh, no don't do that. It doesn't solve your problem, and your code isn't causing any real problems, but you shouldn't do that because it's not the way I like". That's the kind of pretension I was talking about, for the record, and that's something I'm more than happy to mention, without saying who. If it's not you, then good on you. I really don't care if I have code that isn't the exact way someone else wants. If it works, it works. I just want to know how to fix the thing I came here for. If no one knows, then no one knows, and they don't have to respond. If I figure out what's causing the problem, but still don't know how to fix it, I'm going to update the post, and if I worry that the post has gotten buried because no one has said anything, and I'm still holding out that someone may have a solution, I'm going to bump the post so that said person may see it, and may give the solution. Look, I don't care who has the solution. It can be the people I dislike the most on the entire internet. If their solution works under every stress load, then I don't care who it was. I'll thank them and be on my way.
  5. I was bumping it because it's been over 24 hours since it was originally sent. I only come here when I desperately need help, because everywhere else has failed first. This place is full of pretentious people (not everyone, but there are quite a few), so I generally avoid here if I can. Going ignored for 15 hours is a pretty good time to bump a thread that no one has responded to. Then the other "bump" was me updating anyone who might look at the thread with an idea of what the problem is now. The second to last bump was me getting ready to just stop waiting for help from here, and the last one was me updating anyone who might be looking at helping with what the exact problem is. As for packets, I've tried that. It doesn't seem to make a difference. And Minecraft is killing the broom in the Chunk class, because the broom "moved wrongly" when it desynced from the client side.
  6. Okay, so now we, for sure, know the problem. It's the broom desyncing between the client and the server. They both end up in the same place, but they don't interact like they normally would (if I break the client broom, the server broom doesn't break, but to the client, it looks like it does, until you relog. Same with dismounting). So I need a way to force sync them. Any ideas?
  7. Okay, so it's a desync issue caused by the server setting the broom to dead because it's moving too fast, but only on the server side, I think. How can I disable that check?
  8. So basically what's going on is we have a flying broom entity that, when flown at a fast enough speed for long enough, causes Minecraft to try and kill it and respawn it. It's not noticeable to the player, because it doesn't rubber band them, or drop them out of the air, but when the player goes to dismount, they can't. They're just stuck on the broom. When the player relogs, they end up with the broom item in their hand (if they tried dismounting before logging off) and still on the broom entity, which causes them to end up with two brooms (sometimes more) when they can actually dismount. Code: https://pastebin.com/eT4682Y1 Log: https://pastebin.com/3pi6G9nQ
  9. It was apparently because someone told him entities register before preinit? Idk if that's true, seems dumb and not the case, but idk.
  10. Apparently he never did, so I just setup the workspace and did it. For the record, I'm sort of acting as a proxy on his behalf, because the guy who did almost everything in there is annoying with this packet not working, so I'm trying to solve the problem for him. Apparently the reason he's not using registry events is because he needs to dictate when things are registered. Anyways, I removed the bit you referred to as pointless, added a System.out.println printing out the tag data in console, and it worked. Sooooo... uhhhh... thanks.
  11. So we're trying to get some capability information onto the client-side for some things (like displaying tarot cards), but for whatever reason it throws an error, kicks us from the world, and we have no idea why. Log: https://pastebin.com/A8kx7mSp Packet: https://github.com/Um-Mitternacht/Bewitchment/blob/the-snappening/src/main/java/com/bewitchment/api/message/SyncExtendedPlayer.java
  12. I know for a fact it's something in my setBlocksInChunk method, but I'm not sure why. From what I can tell, this should be less intensive than a place like the Nether, yet for some reason, TPS goes down to averaging around 0.580 whenever new chunks are loaded for a solid minute or longer. https://pastebin.com/vJZ06hps Figured it out. Just had to set hasSkyLight() to false in my WorldProvider class.
  13. You don't need IHasModel for it. Registering a model for it would just take up time, and is completely unnecessary. I'm not. I just like to keep my code clean. Messy code is hard for me to read, and it takes me longer to find an issue in it that code I've kept nice and tidy. It's not just for cleanliness's sake, it's for identifying potential problems easier.
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