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  1. So you closed your server in the middle of it running, without properly /stop or /close or whatever you use to shut it down? That is your problem and from experience, I can tell you its a habit you should not fall into. Does not only apply to the server but your computer as well (don't use power button but properly shut it down), flash drives, and other data storing stuff.
  2. Thank you! Tbh this is my first time using events, instanceof, or casting as somewhat new to java and forge Im posting my code incase anyone wants it in the future or you double check incase I did something wrong (but it works so eh): @SubscribeEvent public void onLivingHurtEvent(LivingHurtEvent event) { if (event.getSource().getImmediateSource() != null) { if (event.getSource().getImmediateSource() instanceof EntityPlayer) { EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) event.getSource().getImmediateSource(); if (player.getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() == _Items.itemAquaDagg
  3. I wished I was that blind and that worked. Unfortunately, since I am using LivingHurtEvent, EntityLivingBase, in this case, would be the victim. So basically this line: if (event.getEntityLiving().getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() == _Items.itemAquaDagger) { would mean the victim has to hold the dagger, not the player. Unless of course there is something other than LivingHurtEvent I can use..
  4. The method still exists yes, but I spent more time than needed trying to find a way to find and use it. I mean that the method was removed from .getImmediateSource to my knowledge (unless there is some obvious right in front of me way to still use it and wasted an entire hour cause I am blind)
  5. Well, do you have any other ideas? I used to work on this on 1.10.2 until I had school stuff and came back to this a long while later. In 1.10.2, you could have used .getHeldItemMainhand().getItem() and work from there. However, I guess in 1.12.2 they changed it so you can't use that anymore. Btw, .getHeldEquipment() returns an Iterable<ItemStack> to my knowledge, the code I put up there was just as far as I gotten to. Edit: IceDice9, grabbing the information from the player would work since I can use .getHeldItemMainhand() from there, but I need to grab it from event to make sure I a
  6. So I am creating an event where if a player is holding a certain item and is behind a player, they can perform a "backstab." I figured out everything except how to get the item from the source of damage to make sure they are holding the correct item... My Code: @SubscribeEvent public void onLivingHurtEvent(LivingHurtEvent event) { if (event.getSource().getImmediateSource() != null) { if (event.getSource().getImmediateSource().getHeldEquipment() == _Items.itemAquaDagger) { System.out.println("Player With Aqua Dagger Detected"); double targetYaw = event.getEntityLi
  7. If your looking to play over LAN with forge. You and your friend need the same forge version + mods. Just let him connnect like normal and you should be all good. Summary: Just do it like you normally do when hosting over LAN
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