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  1. Thanks for your hint, but i don't quite understand this Serializer inner class
  2. Hey guys, i try to make recipes based of config options, but i can`t find the problem here, all recipes linked to an config options are always disabled and theres no error in the console, maybe a problem in the factories? ConditionsFactory public class ConditionFactory implements IConditionBuilder { //@Override public BooleanSupplier parse(JsonSerializationContext context, JsonObject json) { boolean value = JSONUtils.getBoolean(json , "value", true); String key = JSONUtils.getString(json, "type"); if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":spawneggs_enabled")) { return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SPAWNEGG_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value; } else if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":spawner_enabled")) { return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SPAWNER_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value; } else if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":skulls_enabled")) { return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SKULL_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value; } return null; } } _factories.json { "conditions": { "spawneggs_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory", "spawner_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory", "skulls_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory" } } example recipe: spawner.json { "conditions" : [ { "type" : "uncrafted:spawner_enabled", "value" : true } ], "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "XXX", "X#X", "XXX" ], "key": { "X": { "item": "minecraft:iron_bars" }, "#": { "item": "minecraft:nether_star" } }, "result": { "item": "minecraft:spawner" } } i hope anyone can help me
  3. But i want to delete these recipes based on settings in the config file
  4. How can i delete specific crafting recipes on game/server start? i tried different things with ForgeRegistry<IRecipe> and IForgeRegistryModifiable but i don`t get it to work.. Has anyone done that yet?
  5. Add forge or minecraft this feature in the next versions? I mean, in the json files
  6. Hey, has anyone an idea how to give the crafting result enchantments?
  7. Hey How can i test for a player with a specific user name?
  8. Okay, i found a easier way to deactivate recipes! Here is my code:
  9. Okay i tried is, but now is the recipe deactivated regardless of whether the config option is true or false, whats wrong? heres my condition class: the _factories.json: and a recipe json file:
  10. public class BlockBox extends Block { List<Item> myItems = ForgeRegistries.ITEMS.getValues().stream().filter(it -> it.getRegistryName().getResourceDomain().equals("ageofweapons")).collect(Collectors.toList()); public BlockWeaponBox() { super(Material.WOOD); this.setCreativeTab(ModTabs.generalTab); this.setHardness(0.5F); this.setResistance(1.0F); this.setSoundType(SoundType.WOOD); } @Override public Item getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random rand, int fortune) { int index = rand.nextInt(myItems.size()); Item item = myItems.get(index); return item; }
  11. Yes, i tried this: int index = rand.nextInt(myItems.size()); Item item = myItems.get(index); return item; but the console says: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive
  12. Yes, thats what i mean And how can i get a single item for the drop out of this list ? Sorry i´m new ^^
  13. but how i make this without write all the items in
  14. Heyyy, i try to make a block that drops the most of all the items in my mod (~100), but whats the easiest way to do this? Thats my current way, but to much work for all my items.. Anyone an idea?: @Override public Item getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random rand, int fortune) { switch(rand.nextInt(6)){ case 1: return Item1; case 2: return Item2; case 3: return Item3; case 4: return Item4; case 5: return Item5; default: return Item6; } }
  15. Hey, i update my mods to 1.12 and i use for some recipes a config option to disable these recipes. But how i do this with the new recipe json file system?
  16. what do you mean with "capitolized"
  17. i have no common proxy, only a server and a client proxy. And i call the the registerClientStuff in the InitEvent of the main class
  18. Hey, i´m reeeelatively in forge modding. I try to update my mod to mc 1.12, but when i start minecraft all items and blocks has no textrues.... can anyone help me? I clear the code here a little bit: ModItems
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