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  1. nevermind, i found the download, it has been solved, thank you for your time
  2. and where would i find the download for that? sorry, i downloaded it from 9minecraft, not entirely certain where this stuff would be
  3. This is probably starting to sound like a broken record at this rate, so im gonna try to make it as easy as possible my game crashes upon loading various mods, Biomes O' Plenty is an example, but it has with other mods aswell it works flawlessly with the like 8 client mods i have, but anything that adds blocks or unique generation or items causes a crash i have attempted to load the game with JUST Biomes O' Plenty, i have made sure im using the most up to date versions AND i have even deleted my .minecraft folder and reinstalled it, but again, it crashes thank you for reading this https://pastebin.com/9nM5prWs
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