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  1. The first step to this is to see if you can track down the original author and ask if they still have the source and if so, can you look at it
  2. You can download builds of OpenJDK for free from Eclipse Adoptium or AdoptOpenJDK NOTE: The AdoptOpenJDK site is not liable to be around much longer as they became Eclipse Adoptium, however there are still some older builds that were not carried over to the new site
  3. Please provide debug.log (more info on where it is and how to provide it can be found in my signature below, just expand the spoiler)
  4. You "deleted the phrase"? I'm not sure what that is supposed to mean.
  5. Would you care to use the report button for such a case? Many folks have made posts like this and it turned out to be policy disagreements.
  6. Delete forge-common.toml from your config folder and try again
  7. Please provide debug.log More info about where it is and how to provide it can be found in my signature below (just expand the spoiler)
  8. I don't think Optifine has any Forge-compatible 1.18 versions yet, try removing it
  9. This suggests one of you has a poor internet connection or a slow machine
  10. Was the launcher running when you ran the installer?
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