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  1. Is this from a time where you killed it? Also do you know how to enable the console window?
  2. Ok i stand corrected more things have changed since 1.8.9 than I thought. Can you delete your latest.log, try running the game and afterwards upload it to Pastebin or GitHub Gist? Both sites are linked in my signature.
  3. Then in your .minecraft\logs folder there should be a file called fml-client-latest.log
  4. How did you install Java? Because this is not coming from Minecraft or Forge, this is coming from Java having issues with a native DLL.
  5. Are you using the twitch launcher? It doesn't quite use the native launcher correctly logs-wise.
  6. Have you tried removing all the mods you have and trying it with just Forge? You seem to have a few coremods there and they tend to muck things up without properly leaving a way to trace things back to them.
  7. Have you uninstalled optifine? Also how much RAM do you have installed in your computer?
  8. It's in .minecraft\logs The .minecraft in my signature is a link to the Minecraft Wiki page that will tell you where it is depending on your operating system
  9. This thread is coming up on a year old with no response from the Original Poster, please don't necro threads because you are "having the same problem". If you have an issue please make your own thread and post logs. Thread Locked
  10. You need to re-install Java, for Forge to work you will specifically need Java 8 (link will directly start a download for the Java 8 installer). For safety please allow the installer to remove old versions.
  11. The first one people can bypass if they click "Advanced". As for the second one that looks like you are on a managed network that blocks adfocus because Ads.... You can skip this by clicking "Show All Versions", hovering over the i and clicking "(Direct Download)", this will skip adfocus, however please note that because you will not get ads this method does not help to support Forge's development.
  12. You have snipping tool and maybe a screenshot key on your keyboard. Edit: Screenshot key on Keyboard copies the screenshot to your clipboard.
  13. Is this happening every time? Is this coming from another program on your computer or is it coming from chrome? If the message is coming from chrome please attach a screenshot, I've been seeing some ads from adfocus recently that pretend to be some sort of Microsoft virus detection service.
  14. The next time this happens please close your game immediately and upload the appropriate log for your version. (More information on which log and how to upload can be found in my signature below)
  15. Please post your fml-client-latest.log as described in my signature, and please consider updating.
  16. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum due to its age, please update to receive support. Thread Locked
  17. Delete it and try running the game to create a new one, yes.
  18. You need to use CMD, not powershell. Just type cmd and it will open in powershell.
  19. This is a bug in these two mods, however I noticed that you're not running the latest version of at least one of them, if you update and keep crashing, use control+F with these quotes in debug.log to see if the bug still exists, if it does then make a bug report on the bug trackers for these mods.
  20. Try following these instructions, also please consider updating:
  21. Is this log from a run where you killed it or did it close itself? Also, we're still missing a couple things. Can you send me a screenshot of your launcher showing the text on the play button?
  22. The log is one of the first things the game sets up, clear your log folder and try to start the game, if it generates the log send it to me.
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