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  1. same issue and just fyi i thought mixin was causing some problems so while using multimc i changed the forge to custom and opened the file (using visual studio code btw as the interpreter [keeps the code nice and neat along with some handy tools and extensions for different file types]) and just used the line comment (it looks like this: // ) to cause the file to ignore that java class and minecraft loaded but no mods at all so i think i shall bump the version down to avoid the issues txt file is the last crash before i tried my custom idea from searching this mixin-0.8.2.jar mixin PLUGINSERVICE errors and thus i am posting this as i am a find error try something after a bit of research and if it works or fail report it crash-2020-10-28_04.34.36-client.txt
  2. I have had the same null pointer error (well not the exact same but similar) and its a hit or miss on when it happens
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