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  1. Isnt there already OfficalCrafting dead by F3rullo14? THat one's the best.
  2. Some people say KillAura = ForceField, but that's not true. On several forums that i have seen in the past, people are often mistaken about several hacks. KillAura is a hack in which the user has the ability to hit people even though they are not facing the same direction. ForceField is a crazy hack in which the user cannot be hurt by any entity. Reach hacks are perhaps the most common, even existing in hypixel which has a good Watchdogreportsystem. I have seen hacking in which a person hit me, but i could not. In Cubecraft, which has not thorough system of punishing or banning hackers, i have seen one such unique hacker. I was trying to defend our egg, but our base was losing. Meanwhile, i was in a corner of a tree in the map ( Hut ) and i was trying to defend myself. However, a probable hacker was hitting me at a range of at least 7 blocks, or even 10. At the time, i was also using a hacked client with KillAura, ForceField, and Reach, but i could not kill him. (I used Wolfram, its one of the best.) Overall, these are the hacks that cause the most issues in servers. I hope hacking is banned.
  3. Well, yes capes are annoying and they suck I dont know why anyone wants them. But im just sayig mods are a better alternative.
  4. You shouldn't use custom capes website or something unless you are going to use advanced capes mod; thats fine. Dont get messed will all that code.
  5. I very need help. I am going to delete and get minecraft again, but this is the issue. So, my forge used to work very well. I had about 29 mods loaded for my 1.7.10 version. However for some reason, after some mess up with files, either my game crashes as it is loading block textures or crashes when I open a world. When I try to enter my world, it says, Shutting Down Internal Server. I went back and fixed everything, yet its so messed up. Plzz Help!
  6. And like what diesieben said, try to clarify what youre sayin' plzz
  7. Download forge from the website that you have written this post. On the top left corner, press files. Then, download. Use the installer type. (The Windows Installer.) It will be an executable jar file. With it, move it to the desktop. (Drag and take it out of the file explorer). RIght click on it and press open. It will open up an installer, agree to all the terms or whatever, and then you will have forge for the version that you want. Then, forge would have created a minecraft mods folder. From here, you can download any mod, as long as they are jar files. However, some mods require a core mod with it, such as NEI, with CodeChickenCore and the NEIuniversal jar. In this case, download both.
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