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  1. Got it to work now, don't know what I did wrong. Thanks for the help.
  2. Didn't work. Everything turned out in the exact same way.
  3. So this is something new I guess?
  4. So I was about to update my forge version for my mod(not client). Copied it where it should belong and installed it. Worked fine until I reached the end of the installation where I got a compilation error in the RenderBlocks.java file. Went to check where it was and found this code: else { ModLoader.renderInvBlock(this, par1Block, par2, var6); } else { FMLClientHandler.instance().renderInventoryBlock(this, par1Block, par2, var6); } A double else, how nice. How come this is the recommended version( if it contains errors like this? Or is it something on my part?
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