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  1. Basically, 1.7.10 version is the best version to use in custom forge servers with friends. It's not only my opinion, we done a test and if 1.8.9 or 1.12 are the most powerfull ones, 1.7.10 still the best if you don't have a server and want to host a VPN to play with your friends. Crete mods for 1.7.10 means create costum content for and/or with your friends.
  2. Hi modders, I want to put a particular custom workbench in my mod, a workbench with "holes" in the GUI. GUI: Now, in the container I successfully added the slots in the right way, but when I try to interact with it the ShapedRecipe give me problems. The InventoryCrafting is a 5x5, so I created a custom class to set the SizeInventory to 17 (instead of 25). Custom InventoryCraft: The problem is in the checkMatch() method of the ShapedRecipe class, where the class do some strange operation (lines form 98 to 106). This kind of satanic farmulas work fine if I have a 25 elements array, but I have a 17 one and I don't know how to arrange them to correctly scan the array from 0 to 16. Custom ShapedRecipe: How can I resolve this? Or I'm doing this terribly wrong? Thanks in advice
  3. Hi modders, I know that 1.7.10 is a bit out dated but I must use this version form my mod. My mod adds some crystal that give special powers. How this works? Well, I created some Enchantments, then I add this Enchantments to an Item when this is put in an anvil with a crystal via the AnvilUpdateEvent in my EventHandler class. After doing this I check the special scenario always via the EventHandlers to do stuff. For example if you put in the anvil a sword and a blood crystal the sword obtain the "Life Steal" enchantment which heal u a bit after a kill. This works thanks to the LivingDeathEvent. The code (the imports are been deleted, don't know why): Now, if u put in the anvil an armor piece and a dark Crystal the armor piece gain the "Assassin's Blessing" enchantment, which should make you invisible after a kill. Now, for make this works, over the events, I use a boolean variable. This is because I want to make all the pg invisible, even the armor and the held item. U know that if i add the potion effect (invisibility) to the player the armor and the held item will still visible. So i make the armor disappear thanks to the SetArmorModel event, which i discover be Client side only. If I play in my singleplayer world it all works, but when I test the mod in the server it doesen't work. Here's the code: The handler for the dark powers: The SetArmorModel event: My proxys (Client and Common): And the GlobalVariables class: There is a way to make it works also on server or should I give up? Thx for the help
  4. I everybody, I'm making a mod and I'm following shadowfacts' tutorial. Today I wanted to da a simple crop, so following this tutorial I made my corn crops. Everythink work except for one thing. When I righ-click on a block with my seeds the game crash. My project: https://github.com/IlTosaerba/Minecraft-1.12.2-WLLC-Mod/tree/IlTosaerba-WLLC-1.12.2]-Mod (The "resource/assets" has been exploded 'cause GitHub don't permit the upload of +100 files and I don't understand how to create folders and so on) Crash Error:
  5. Oh dear, I really suck at doing models... https://ibb.co/drRA57 https://ibb.co/dCV3Q7 Is there a place on the forum where I can hire a person for a free json adjustment?
  6. Oh, cool, now I see my shield. Only need to adjust the json file to see it properly. Thanks a lot
  7. I tryed to create my costum models (with Blockbench) but it still "extend" from builtin/entity. So the problem remain. How can i solve it? Here's my project
  8. Ok thanks, only the last thing. Why if I remove the parent line from the json model it still doesen't work? Is it because the "parent" attribute is a sort of "@Override"?
  9. Since I don't have one for the shield, I will create my own... so, Thankyou How can I set this trhead as solved?
  10. Hi everybody I have a mod which need a shield. So I copy-paste the shield models from vanilla, create the textures and the class ToolShield.java that is simil copyed from ItemShield.java The problem is that when I lunch the game and select the shield it is invisible. Here my project: https://github.com/IlTosaerba/Minecraft-1.12.2-WLLC-Mod
  11. Oh, cool, so I was half right, after all. Can I use it also as random Entity (mobs) drops?
  12. My bad, I miss the part of the EnumRarities
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