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  1. I want to make the Hawk Ring from Dark Souls that extends Bow Range when equipped. How do I inecrease the range of bows?
  2. how can i check it though? edit: found this public boolean isBuffed(EntityLivingBase player) { if(getAtAtr(player).getModifiersByOperation(1).contains(RED_TEARSTONE_RING_BUFF) == true) { return true; }else { return false; } } hope this works edit2: it works thank you Dos someone have an idea for a bow work-around?
  3. The onWornTick method from Baubles applies the modifer in a loop which leads to a crash, because you can't apply a modifier that already is applied. Can you test for a certain modifier?
  4. Like this? player.getEntityAttribute(SharedMonsterAttributes.ATTACK_DAMAGE).applyModifier(redTearstoneRingBuff); AttributeModifier redTearstoneRingBuff = new AttributeModifier(UUID.fromString("e6107045-134f-4c54-a645-75c3ae5c7a27"), "redTearstoneRingBuff", 0.5, 1);
  5. I want to create the Red Tearstone Ring from Dark Souls 1 using the Baubles API. This is what the Ring does: Increase the attack rating of equipped weapons by 50% when the player's health is under 20%. Baubles gives me this method /** * This method is called once per tick if the bauble is being worn by a player */ public void onWornTick(ItemStack itemstack, EntityLivingBase player) { } I have a few questions: How do i get the damage of the equipped weapon? How do I modify that? Does that work for bows, too?
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