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  1. Forgive me for sounding incompetent, but... how do I access that?
  2. How would I be able to create mods if I do not have access to the source code? Besides, the documentation page seems rather incomplete, with lots of missing information.
  3. How would I decompile and deobfucate Minecraft so that I can view the source code and make changes to it? I'm fairly sure MCP does it but as far as I am aware it has been discontinued. Thanks!
  4. In Minecraft's hitbox mode, invisible entities in the F3 + B menu do not appear. How would I go about making it appear? Is there an event that handles that? Do I need to overwrite Minecraft's class that deals with that? Thanks!
  5. I have a mod installed which shows information on my HUD about potions already. As such, I do not need Minecraft's potion indicator on the top right, nor do I need it in my inventory menu, which clogs it up and shifts the inventory menu to the right instead of center. How would I go about creating a mod to remove it? Where in Minecraft's code do I need to change, and how do I do it? I already have forge MDK set up. Thanks!
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