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  1. Okay, it was the registryName issue.... all lowercase fixed it very well! Tanks a lot to everybody who helped me!
  2. I include the builded .jar... hope it's usefull
  3. It's my first time of using GitHub so I hope everything is fine... I only loaded up the src-file, if you need any other let me know it. https://github.com/MoorhuhnHD/ModUpload.git
  4. I rewrote it now completely. Still the same Problem... http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzfav8dd1dkdzo2/moormod_2.0.zip Is it my mistake or an issue from gradle or i don't know? Is here someone with the same problem who already solved it?
  5. Hey, 1st thank you a lot. 2nd, I'm thinking about updating to 1.12, but there are 2 new variables in crafting (ResouceLocation name, ResourceLocation group). I know what they do but I have no idea what to put in... Any idea? The textures don't load, even not in eclipse... Code: private void registerModel(Object obj, int meta, ModelResourceLocation loc) { Item item = null; if(obj instanceof Item) { item = (Item) obj; } else if(obj instanceof Block) { item = Item.getItemFromBlock((Block)obj); } e
  6. I'm very new in modding, where have I to put the ModelLoader::setCustomLocation()?
  7. It seems, that only the builded mod (with gradlew build) haven't any texture. When I start it in eclipse there's everything fine
  8. Here's everything... http://www.mediafire.com/file/hgf3kui9z4iqj8d/MoorMod.zip
  9. Hey, I created a server and now my mod haven't any texture. In Singleplayer isn't this issue. Also in my log-files is no error-message or something like this... Pls help me, have anyone an idea what the problem could be? There is only this ugly black-purple texture...
  10. It should be a "Sharpness", so on every use it goes down a bit (like durability) and its coupled to the attack-damage of the weapon... 100% Sharpness are full attack-damage, 0% are 1 attack-damage (basic one). It's only used for swords. replicates are underline
  11. Is it possible to create something like durability? I don't found any class for it, which I could edit or rewrite...
  12. Hey guys, first I have to say that this is my first time writing a topic so excuse me, if I take it in the false Page. Second, I'm a german, so excuse me for my sometimes very ... *special* english. I'll try to explain my questions and problems as well as I'm able to do. My question is: Is it possible do repair items in a workbench with another item? I mean, you have a golden sword with a durability of 15 and then you craft it together with a stone and after that it has a durability of 25. Then you put the sword a second time in the workbench togehther with anot
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