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  1. Ended up figuring out the issue, just had to resort to creating a new layer not dependent on Curios to handle the rendering. Also had to make sure to put the code that added the layer to the player into enqueueWork in the event I used, or else the same issue continued happening.
  2. Bump (now that it's a bit earlier in the day).
  3. What I've been trying to do is I have been attempting to implement an item that can create a transparent blue layer around the entire player. I am using Curios' API for this, as the item is meant to be an equippable accessory. There are also other accessories I have implemented to the mod using the API. I have been able to implement everything that handles this rendering with the accessory item, however I've become stuck after running into a specific issue: when the transparent blue layer is active, it will prevent any accessories specifically on the player's arms from rendering. As far a
  4. Is it possible to have connected textures for blocks from mods with optifine's connected textures feature. I am working on connected textures support for a mod and can't seem to get them working. I used vanilla glass in a resource pack with optifine connected textures support and replicated it and the textures for a glass block from a mod but it didn't work, I have also tried specifying in the properties file of block (the file for specifying how the connected textures work) the block that the connected textures are for and that isn't working either. The properties file is called "
  5. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/94d38684bbe93167433c18bd149868e1 This has the code I changed and the FML log, the other gist has the files I did not change If you need any other files to see I will post them
  6. That seems to have fixed part of the problem, so now I just get the normal missing texture texture with the same error.
  7. All the item textures and models, as well as the block texture and item model (they show up as the missing texture cubes and appear in the middle of the screen with the file name), have all of a sudden stopped working and I can't seem to figure out what I changed that would've broken them. Looking at the logs it looks the items are trying to load as blocks? But I can't see why the block isn't working because that error wasn't shown. Code: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2cd510805d33df25f6647372316d461b (if I need to post any other files just ask)
  8. https://gist.github.com/bconlonGaming/2e62eca86624e11801af063fe1c5c5d3 EDIT: After looking it over it says I have the texture in the wrong place, let me put it in the right place and see if anything happens (it wasn't working before so I tried to move the texture out of the block textures folder to see what would happen) EDIT 2: Ok I fixed that and now it works.
  9. The texture for the item model of my block and the block model are both not working. I've been trying to figure it out for many hours but I have not been able to figure out the problem. I am using IntelliJ for my coding. I have also been following a modding guide by Loremaster for the most part and everything seems to be the same with my code but the block texture doesn't work. This is in 1.11.2. CODE: ---------------------------- AetherFood.java package com.bconlon.aetherfood; import com.bconlon.aetherfood.proxy.CommonProxy; import init.ModBlocks; import init.ModCrafting;
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