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  1. so now I want to go through all the trouble updating my mods? i might do that later update do you want me to do?
  2. oh-kay that was helpful advice kind of? I'll just find another forum to ask It was nice meeting you.
  3. kk not sure if this is it but let's see it has to do with my crash
  4. could you please tell me what that is?
  5. I am sorry, I don't need this help anymore I figured it myself. excuse me? that quote is extremely rude. instead of putting rude quotes you should actually think of a helpful one?
  6. so it will keep crashing even with the ChickenCore. this is what it says The game crashed whilst stitching texture atlasError: java.lang.NullPointerException: Stitching texture atlas help please
  7. please answer ASAP!! what is the version I need to know ill be pepe even though im a girl or Yuki!!! my name is crazycat299 if you need me to be anyone
  8. And what version? I would love to know my name is crazycat299 if you need to find me on Minecraft. are there any mods on the server?
  9. hey I'm happy to apply to be staff if you need some
  10. okay, so I share a computer with my family, different accounts. and I download Forge and I search through the whole thing because it was under my mom's boyfriends acc, trying to find my name. I find my sisters but not mine. if this makes sense to you please HELP!!!! *I DONT NEED HELP ANYMORE*
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