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  1. You have EntityAIHurtByTarget. I had the same, that my entities didn't attack, until i took it out.
  2. private int textureWidth = 64; private int textureHeight = 64; public ModelClottIce() { this.body = new ModelRenderer(this, 0, 0); this.body.setRotationPoint(-4F, 16F, -4F); this.body.addBox(0.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 1, 1, 1, 0.0F); this.body.setTextureSize(32, 16); Hmm...one look and the problem is found, as i can see. Think again about the first 2 lines and the last one.
  3. Compared and same. Meantime i've copied the parts from the hopper container, that also only has 9 slots. Still not working correctly. And if i walk over the itemstacks of the inventory (that i have taken from inventory basic, meantime) all stacks are empty.
  4. Hi, i have problems with an container. It works, if i don't use transferStackInSlot, but shift clicking will not work. It moves the items to wrong slots and sometime it double them or even don't show. The container class
  5. That's it. I looked at the villager, but there's only ((PathNavigateGround)this.getNavigator()).setBreakDoors(true); It has to be ((PathNavigateGround)this.getNavigator()).setEnterDoors(true); Now he opens and uses doors. I am happy. Thank you
  6. Hi, i've got an entity, that's does, what it has to do. Just one thing is not working. It will not use doors. Even when he has a path to walk and i open the door, he will not walk trough. If i destroy the door then, he continous his way. I tried everything i could, including wasting hours in debugger without result. The entity class The movement ai
  7. I've found the errors. Forgot somethings. But now i have another problem. As soon as i render the frame around the entity, all other entities will be gone, if they are in the same line of view. If i turn around, there will be a point, where they be rendered again.
  8. And me again. I am trying to render a frame around an entity, but it will not do it. This is the way i try it in the renderer of the entity. Someone an idea, what i am doing wrong? The positions are right, checked it.
  9. I found it. Have taken out all parts, where i was using the self set string "Name" and accessing now only custom name tag. Now it works. He didn't sync the string, even with using nbt tag to store and reread it.
  10. I did. I call this function in the entity class And the call in the gui Changing the gui handling to gui handler will also not solve the problem.
  11. Hi, i have an entity, i set a custom name at spawning. He has it then and is synced on server and client. The entity class. The base class. This is the output after spawn. When i change the custom name over a gui then, only the server get's it, but the client not. How do i sync the client to the server data? The ouput after changing the name. Client still keeps the old data.
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