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  1. So how can I resolve this problem? What I have to do?
  2. @MFMods Tells me that this is possible...how?
  3. OK, so I will use setBlockState, but it requiers an IBlockState, that must have the Block state ( setBlockState(pos, IBlockState, 3); ) ...how can I set Light Level by using this?
  4. Hello, how I can update the current light level?...This is my code: @SubscribeEvent public void NearUraniumEvent(PlayerEvent event) { int blockX = event.entityPlayer.getPosition().getX(); int blockY = event.entityPlayer.getPosition().down().getY(); int blockZ = event.entityPlayer.getPosition().getZ(); BlockPos pos = new BlockPos(blockX, blockY, blockZ); Block block = event.entityPlayer.worldObj.getBlockState(pos).getBlock(); if(block == NukeMod.uranium_grass) { System.out.println("Uranium_grass down!"); event.entityPlayer.worldObj.getBlockState(pos).getBlock().setLightLevel(1.0F); }else { event.entityPlayer.worldObj.getBlockState(pos).getBlock().setLightLevel(0.0F); } int light = event.entityPlayer.worldObj.getBlockState(pos).getBlock().getLightValue(); System.out.println("Light: " + light); } The light value changes correctly (There is the print in console...), but I don't know hoe to refresh the block Help me please.
  5. How can't be a command similar to EnumHand in minecraft 1.8???
  6. Ok, but what do I write in "the active side", "side I care about && active hand", "hand I care about". Sorry, I 'm very ignorant in this program.
  7. I want to send message "hello" every time I right click with my custom sword... How can I make in this case?
  8. Sorry, but I ' new in this type of program... Can you make an easy example?
  9. Sorry, I mean once per side / per hand... Can you give me an easy example?
  10. Can I have an example? I haven't found any example of this function...
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