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  1. Hey! Thanks for responding! The only question I have left is how I would go about it "growing". Could I make some kind of timer that sets the growth age to whatever it should be, or is there something like this built into minecraft?
  2. Hello! I just came back to modding after a bunch of years, and I'm completely out of the loop. What I'm trying to do right now is a crystal "crop" that you can place somewhere (only on stone).It then grows and if you at any point right click it with a pickaxe, it drops a crystal (multiple depending on what stage it's in), but the "crop" is still there and continues growing. If you break it, it drops just the "crop" in it's first stage and whatever number of crystal it should've dropped (again, depending on stage). I also need a sound for when it breaks, but that's not as important right now. I know how to make blocks, items and can probably make a crop too, but I didn't really get the crop to work this way. It worked like wheat, which means I can only harvest it at it's final stage and drops both seeds (sometimes multiple, which I don't want) and wheat and could for some reason be placed on any block. Thanks in advance!
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