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  1. 1) oh I didn't know I had to include srg names! 2)well I know that, but the problem is that I DID implemented all of these methods
  2. Well thanks i didn't knew about that! ...But sadly this give me the exact same errors as previously.
  3. Problem is: i dont't even know how Maven works so... I'm screwed
  4. No but i added it as a jar file in the libs folder so it should work (I built my other mods this way so that is propably what's causing the problem)
  5. Hmm... the last time I compiled this mod I wasn't using hexian core as a dependency, what may have caused this issue is the fact that i moved most of the abstract classes/interfaces such as GuiContainerBase to my library.
  6. HexianCore: https://github.com/MisterPeModder44/HexianCore/tree/1.11.2/ TooManyOres: https://github.com/MisterPeModder44/TooManyOres3/tree/1.11.2
  7. Hello! I currently working on a mod called TooManyOres mod that depends on a library mod called HexianCore. The mod worked properly and i could compile it without any problem but recently, I encountered some pretty strange compilation error sthat only occurs when I'm trying to build the project (works fine in dev environnement). It says that I didn't implemented the method GuiContainer::drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer even though it is implemented the the GuiConainerBase class. So I almost tried everthing and I could not find a solution to this problem, so if someone knows what i did wrong, I would be very grateful ! GuiContainerBase: GuiContainerDestabilizer: PS: sorry for my bad english
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