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  1. --> http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Tutorials/Multiblock
  2. Hey, you need a crafting handler, create a new class an name it as you want. Then define it in your mod_xxx.java in the "public void init..." method with GameRegistry.registerCraftingHandler(new CraftingHandler()); In this example I called the CraftingHandler "CraftingHandler" Now you have to make your Item and then add the following: aloeVeraMilk = (new ItemXXX(975)).setIconIndex(75).setItemName("Test Item").setMaxDamage(10); // Add your Max. Damge here!!! Now we want, that you won't loose your Item after crafting. Go the crafting handler and add: public class CraftingHandler implements ICraftingHandler { @Override public void onCrafting(EntityPlayer player, ItemStack item, IInventory craftMatrix) { for(int i=0; i < craftMatrix.getSizeInventory(); i++) { if(craftMatrix.getStackInSlot(i) != null) { ItemStack j = craftMatrix.getStackInSlot(i); if(j.getItem() != null && j.getItem() == mod_eltrixscience.vaporizerItem) { ItemStack k = new ItemStack(mod_xxx.xxxItem, 2, (j.getItemDamage() - 1)); // <-- Set the Damage after crafting... craftMatrix.setInventorySlotContents(i, k); //<-- Put the item back into the crafting gui! } } } } } Hope I helped you! Greetings from germany!
  3. I mean when I quit and come back, all my discovered informations are away. If you create a new map, it's ok, that you will loose your informations...
  4. Hey Guys, I want, that you have to eat a plant to discover what it does. That works quite good, but everytime I start the map new, all discovered informations are resteted. Furthermore it would be nice, if it also works for every single player in multiplayer... So I think I've to save the vars to a file, but how can I do it? So here are the relevant parts of the Code: ItemFoodLantanaBerries.java : public class ItemFoodLantanaBerries extends ItemFood { public boolean discovered = false; // This var says if you know the plant or not. At start you don't know what this plant does. /... public ItemStack onFoodEaten(ItemStack par1ItemStack, World par2World, EntityPlayer par3EntityPlayer) { discovered = true; // <-- If you've eaten the plant, you know the properties of it. /... } @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public void addInformation(ItemStack par1ItemStack, EntityPlayer par2EntityPlayer, List par3List, boolean par4) { if(discovered == false) // If you don't know the plant, you will have an other information. { par3List.add("Some blue berries."); } else { par3List.add("There is a medium posion inside."); } } }
  5. Hey Guys, the main question is in the title. I want to add a potion effect, which causes, that the monsters won't attack the player, while he has the potion effect. Greetings
  6. Big Thanks to all of you, I'll try it! :-) Greetings!
  7. Hey Guys, first I want to say sorry, because my english maybe can be bad, it's school english... So my question is, how can I define a crafting recipe, with some factors, wich won't be away after crafting and stay at there slot? Maybe someone knows Equivalent Exchange, there are many crafting-recipes with the philosophers stone and the stone stays in the slot, even if I've crafted something...So I don't consume it... My Code: Relevant parts of the mod_*** //... public static Block vaporizer; public static BlockFlower aloeVera; public static Item aloeVeraAloin; //... vaporizer = (new BlockVaporizer(539, 0)) .setBlockName("vaporizer"); LanguageRegistry.addName(vaporizer, "Vaporizer"); GameRegistry.registerBlock(vaporizer); aloeVera = (BlockFlower) new BlockAloeVera(540,0).setBlockName("aloeVera"); LanguageRegistry.addName(aloeVera, "Aloe Vera"); GameRegistry.registerBlock(aloeVera); aloeVeraAloin = (new ItemFoodAloeVeraAloin(904)).setIconIndex(4).setItemName("aloeVeraAloin"); LanguageRegistry.addName(aloeVeraAloin, "Aloin"); GameRegistry.addRecipe(new ItemStack(aloeVeraAloin,1), new Object[]{"A", "V", 'A', mod_eltersmiasmata.aloeVera, 'V', mod_eltersmiasmata.vaporizer}); //... Ok I want, that you can craft aloeVeraAloin with AloeVera and a vaporizer, the AloeVeraPlant is consumed after crafting but the vaporizer is still there... Hope you can help me! Greetings!
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