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  1. i have done evrything you said but it still doesn't work is there some one els who can help me?
  2. i am on a windows. I am trying to install forge source so i can mod but it gives me an error that it is already in use and then it stops installing. it worked ones but then minecraft had some isues like: textures won't load. could not use space while chatting. and each language was in pirate speak font. so here is my error log: ================ Forge ModLoader Setup Start =================== Setting up MCP > Restoring commands.py backup Patching file C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\commands.py patching file commands.py Commands patch applied successfully Copying FML conf Fixing MCP Workspace == MCP 7.23 (data: 7.23, client: 1.4.5, server: 1.4.5) == WARNING: The cleanup script will delete all folders created by MCP, including the src folder which may contain changes you made to the code, along with any saved worlds from the client or server. If you really want to clean up, enter "Yes" yes > Cleaning temp > Cleaning src > Cleaning bin > Cleaning reobf > Cleaning lib > Cleaning jars > Cleaning logs File Exists: lwjgl.jar File Exists: lwjgl_util.jar File Exists: jinput.jar File Exists: windows_natives.jar File Exists: macosx_natives.jar File Exists: linux_natives.jar File Exists: minecraft.jar File Exists: minecraft_server.jar == MCP 7.23 (data: 7.23, client: 1.4.5, server: 1.4.5) == # found ff, ff patches, srgs, name csvs, doc csvs, param csvs, renumber csv, ast yle, astyle config > Creating Retroguard config files == Decompiling client using fernflower == > Creating SRGs > Applying Retroguard > Compiling AccessTransformer > Compiling MCPMerger > Running MCPMerger > Running AccessTransformer Forge config detected > Really Applying Retroguard > Applying MCInjector > Unpacking jar > Copying classes > Decompiling > Copying sources > Applying fernflower fixes FATAL ERROR Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\decompile.py", line 116 , in decompile strip_comments=strip_comments, exc_update=exc_update) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\mcp.py", line 49, in de compile_side commands.process_fffixes(side) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\commands.py", line 988, in process_fffixes fffix(pathsrclk[side]) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\pylibs\fffix.py", line 59, in fffix _process_file(src_file) File "C:\Users\USERNAME\Desktop\Minecraft modding\runtime\pylibs\fffix.py", line 158, in _process_file shutil.move(tmp_file, src_file) File "shutil.pyc", line 300, in move WindowsError: [Error 32] The process has no acces to the fille because it is used by an other process: 'src\\minecraft\\net\\minecraft\\src\\ScreenShotHelper.ja va.tmp' Decompile Exception: 1 Press any key to continue. . . the steps i have done to install forge: 1. putted mcp in an folder 2. putted forge in the same folder 3. putted a fresh minecraft bin in the jars folder 4. putted a fresh minecraft server.jar in the jars folder 5. stared install.bat in the forge folder
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