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  1. Thanks, I'll try it out. I'm considering buying a Java book.
  2. Hey there! So I've recently been creating a new mod consisting all of those things I've always wanted in vanilla minecraft. I'm now trying to make an item, which doesn't vanish when you craft with it (Similar to the Minium Stone/ Philosopher's Stone in EE3). Where would I insert it, and how. I've tried the following code in the item class: public boolean doesContainerItemLeaveCraftingGrid(ItemStack itemStack) { return false; which I got from browsing the Open Source of EE3. I'm sorry if this is a noob mistake Thanks!
  3. I've tried to put it to peaceful already, didn't work, I'll reinstall ars then...
  4. What do you mean make a new one? I've literally played on this very Age since 1.3. I don't wish to delete it, I would like to delete all entities in that specific age. Don't even mention MCEdit, it removes all non-vanilla blocks.
  5. That's not possible. I've tried re-making the overworld, but it's got something to do with a mystcraft age... I don't know which one, and I don't wanna delete our worlds. Are there no other workarounds?
  6. You put an additional line of code in your statics. public static final Item CLASSNAME = new ITEMNAME(ID).setAlwaysEdible().setItemName("ITEMNAME"); See what I did there? I added the .setAlwaysEdible() line. This'll make your food always consumable. Hope this helps!
  7. Hey everyone! I love forge, and I love minecraft and have been doing it for 2 years now. So basically, I was trying out new mods for me and my friend's server, and I suggested ars magica. It took up waaaay too much CPU, and I had to remove it. Now when I start the server, I end up with the following error. Happy for every reply! Thanks! EDIT: Found some more logs: End of edit
  8. Thanks, but I'm really new to modding, and I don't know java fluently, I've picked some up from a book and from Lua and Lua+. Could you further explain the tick handler thingy, and where to tell the mod what to display?
  9. Where you add your recipes, add this line of code: GameRegistry.addSmelting(Item.egg.shiftedIndex, new ItemStack(Item.YOURMODITEMNAME), 20); Where you replace YOURMODITEMNAME with the name of the item which you used in the public static final. The 20 is for how much exp you'll get from it, you can customize it yourself. I just started coding last month, it's going great! I hope you'll get much success! /Falling
  10. Hey there! Some of the mods out there (i.e More Creeps And Weirdos & Singleplayer Commands) adds a sort of a startup message upon entering a world/server saying: "More creeps and weirdos loaded, version x.xx.xx" Or something. I want this for my mod aswell, and I was wondering, How would I add it? If this wouldn't work, I'd like to code a mod/find a mod which is sort of like a MOTD mod with bukkit - Upon login you're presented with the MOTD, what the time is, and who's online. I'd be very thankful if you were to find a way for me to do this. Thanks! /Falling
  11. Hey there! I've just gotten started with forge, I've published my mod, and I currently love it. Though, right now, I'm extending my mod, and adding some food. The pars, the float and the boolean are already added, and I want the food to have a tooltip saying: (The item's name is Falling's Mystery Meat) "It smells weird". In a green color underneath the item's name, like it does in Stevescarts for example. Here's the food class, but I'm assuming it's either in the public statics, or in the Language Registry. Or I'm entirely wrong, and I just now sounded like a big noob. I appreciate your help. Special thanks to the Forgeteam for their awesome api!
  12. This is not where to ask these questions, but yes. As previously stated, update your forge.
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