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  1. So, I've finally gotten a decent idea for a mod that I want to develop; however, I have some design/compatibility questions. 1) I want my mod to be easily usable with other mods (mainly IndustricalCraft and BuildCraft) and use their power systems (if present, and it would be configurable as to which one would be used), but I don't want to make the mod require that these mods be present - I'd like it to be able to stand on it's own as well. Any advice/tips on how I'd go about doing that? 2) I'm unsure as to whether I want to implement WorldGen (though, I'd only be doing 1 or two new Ore Types) as it seems to me that WorldGen is almost excessively overused (though the Ore Dictionary has lessened the visual impact) and I could just as easily go along the path of having the "base ore" as something that can be crafted. Any thought one way or the other? I had some other questions, but they are much more Forge specific in nature and can wait until I finish designing the mod
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