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  1. Yes but if you look even further, the method is protected. So I cannot access it, also it does not tell me which food the player is eating. I could go check every tick if the player is using something and then get the ItemStack but really that is a pain in the ***. So an event would be MUCH easier
  2. Hello I am Geert4321, I am creating a mod at the moment which semi - requires an onFoodEaten event. It is not neccesary because it is just for a temporary hold and for an optional feature, but I would highly appreciate it to have that event. It might also be helpful for other modders. It would make my christmas merry if you were to implement this feature. I was originally going to add it through ASM, but soon realised that I was unable to do that (as myself, so I couldnt do it, maybe others can) as when I edited the base files directley, the event wouldnt even trigger. So yeah, that is pretty much it Greetings, Geert4321
  3. I a creating a new crafting table and got an error. The error is in the spoiler Error Here is my code: ConcreteModBase.java CommonProxyConcreteMod.java ClientProxyConcreteMod.java Would appreciate if you helped me because this is a big update for my mod. Thanks!
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