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  1. Just looked over everything and there was one spot I capitalized the word. It's working now. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I've been working on this mod, and just finished creating some blocks, and items for the game. Everything saved fine, and there were no errors, but when I run forge the game crashes. I've been looking at the crash log and it mentions sounds.json as having a insufficient character. The problem is that I never added a sounds.json, nor can I find the file. Here is the crash log. Thanks in advance. Crash Log - https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/f089f07a0f8b42e28445b6ec867b6766
  3. Thank you so much. Don't know how I missed this.
  4. Hey, sorry I took so long to respond again. Messed up some stuff a bit, but I got that all fixed. Still having the same problem with my updated build.gradle so here are all the files you asked for except for the debug log, as the text file is blank. Im sure you have to enable it somewhere, but I'm still trying to figure that out. https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/47eb336f970d400bb9f707d7aed7c776 - Mods.toml https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/aaaf1caeb3c8488c9e9cb16004b79f9c - Build.gradle
  5. I was checking the run config, and the MCP_Mappings, and MCP_Version was a 1.16.3 Snapshot. What does MCP mean, and what do I change it to? The MC_Version is set to 1.16.5
  6. Hello all, I recently started creating my own mod. I just finished getting all the basics configured, and ran into an error when trying to run it. I have the Forge 1.16.5 MDK installed, and I'm pretty sure I have my mods.toml file configured correctly. When I run the mod it says it's supposed to be in 1.16.5 (Even though it is), and therefore it can't load. Any suggestions? Latest Log - https://pastebin.pl/view/ce4786bc Mods.toml - https://pastebin.pl/view/f80acead If you need more from me please let me know. Thanks.
  7. That is the most relevant if you want proof i will make a quick vid
  8. well that is my most recent FML it might be because that's was the last version I used that it did not crash was that but. forge 1.8.9 crashes before I get ingame
  9. Here is the FML log https://pastebin.com/hnFdARQU
  10. Whenever i try to use forge 1.8.9 the recommended version a minecraft crash report comes up saying this The game crashed whilst initializing gameError: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: caa please help
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