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  1. anyone know when 1.5.2 support might come out? doesn't seem like much has happened the last month or so.
  2. anyone have trouble with worldedit and groupmanager? if i'm an op, i can use WE just fine. but if i'm not, i just get the "you do not have permission to use this command" message. My config: in globalgroups: g:worldedit: permissions: - worldedit.* in world/groups: Builder: default: false permissions: [] inheritance: - default - g:essentials_builder - g:towny_builder - g:worldedit info: prefix: '&2' build: true suffix: '' and in world/users: users: blindahl: group: Owner subgroups: [] permissions: [] i'm using BF .51, forge .471, essentials 2.9.5, and worldedit 5.4.5 (both of those are the BF versions, of course)
  3. Mystcraft - interesting, hadn't seen that before. However, i'm more interested in moving my existing worlds over to forge than making new ones. And it doesn't look like mystcraft is aimed at doing that. although their mechanic is rather cool, for a myst fan.
  4. i can't say thank you enough for getting this to work. The main plugin i'd like to see (besides worldedit) is multiverse. our main server has always been bukkit, until we discovered some of the forge mods in the last couple of months. those two are going to be the ones that finally get us to switch completely to forge. btw, i just submitted a new bug... looking forward to a new build with all the recent stuff fixed. have been running into the 'ticking entity' with 'inWall' a lot also, until i turned off all creatures for testing purposes.
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