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  1. I have been trying to update my MC Forge 1.16.5 from 36.2.0 to 36.2.19. The folder with the JSON. file is in my .minecraft\versions folder, but when I try to edit my installation in the Minecraft launcher it only shows 36.2.0. I've tried opening and closing the launcher multiple times and reinstalling forge multiple times. I haven't updated to the Microsoft Store launcher, I'm using the one before that. I used a .bat file to open the jar to install Forge, in case that's a problem.
  2. When I try to download Forge 1.7.10, the download planted a JSON file but not a JAR file, so I tried to download the universal JAR. However, when I tried to set the Minecraft version to Forge, I could not find it in the menu.
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