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  1. (I had moved my .minecraft folder from my D: drive to my :C drive.) Never mind. I got it fixed! If anybody else sees this and needs help, here is how I solved it. 1. Install forge in the default/preset location. 2. open your MC launcher. 3. go to launch options 4. go to the forge profile 5. set the game directory to the NEW .minecraft folder destination. 6. launch MC, and boom! it should work. Your your texture packs wont be activated if you have any, so just go and activate them. hope this helped!
  2. Hello. Today I decided to switch to 1.8.9 forge and delete all my 1.12.2 stuff. When I go to reinstall forge, it says: The launcher profile is corrupted. Re-run the minecraft launcher to fix it! I did that, and it didn't work. I also moved my .minecraft folder from my C: drive to my D: drive. Please help!
  3. so i ran out of space in my C: drive and i wanted to move my minecraft folder over to my D: drive. I simply copied the whole folder, pasted it in my D: drive and deleted the one in my C: drive. I then went to my launch options and changed my game directory to the new loaction. I soon found out that forge was gone, so i went to go reinstall it. (already had forge installer so i used that, and i also changed the directory to my new minecraft folder) after that, it didnt show up in my launcher. I reinstalled forge, didn't work. But, if i didnt change the directory, it made its own .minecraft folder! it was in the exact same place as my old one. it was in my launcher, but still, I had no texture packs or mods, and it was in my D: drive. thats all, SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME I JUST WANT TO PLAY MINECRAFT also here are the instructions i followed https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/179373/how-to-transfer-minecraft-root-folder-to-an-ssd-drive
  4. Hello. Yesterday I was playing minecraft like normal and today when I try to launch MC again, it just stays on a black screen and wont respond. Been at it for hours, and nothing. Please Please Please Please help me with this. Thanks
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